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Health Care

The rising cost of Healthcare and the availability of quality care are issues that are at the forefront of everyone's mind. One of the goals of The Nathanael Foundation is to establish/build more hospitals and clinics in our communities so that quality Healthcare is made available to everyone at affordable rates.

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Children Are Our Future;

So it is extremely important that we must begin to provide them with a quality education at an early age. The Nathanael Foundation has assisted in various educational programs that are currently at the High School level.

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Food Relief

The Nathanael Foundation has a food relief program that we have named Nathanael's Cupboard.

Nathanael Cupboard is a program designed to help less fortunate families with their grocery and food cost.

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N.F. Supports

The Nathanael Foundation proudly supports the following institutions/organizations because of their commitment to bettering our children and the surrounding community and in doing so making it a better world for us all...

The Nathanael Foundation Salutes You!

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Grant Seekers

The Nathanael Foundation provides support for projects within its grant-making interest areas of: education and youth development; culture and humanities; civic and community; health and human services.

Nathanael Development Group

Nathanael Development Group, LLC (NDG) is a for profit development company. NDG is a development firm with a purpose. Our team has over 30 years of experience in the development and construction field. Although we have experience in all areas of development, NDG's primary focus is on projects that surround Healthcare, Education, Hospitality and Social Services.

Events Calendar


The Nathanel Foundation has partnered with Champions League and Chris Claiborne's University55 with the expectation and purpose of getting the kids and adults in our communities active and excited about sports again. And not only to watch, but to participate.

Video Games has taken it's toll on the kids in our communities and they are becoming more and more out of shape and more and more disinterested in outdoor activities. With the proper excercise and support from our communities we can look forward to a healthy future.

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